“The innocence of animals sometimes helps us forget the ugliness of humans.” -Unknown

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When Life hands you Lemons, make Lemonade! …or Masks…

Since all the Art Fairs have been canceled this year, I’ve had idle hands. So, after seeing all those brave Health Care workers suffering with sore ears, I was inspired like many others with a crafty brain and a sewing machine, to make

Ear-friendly masks!

Although my masks aren’t medical grade, they are intended to reduce the spread of respiratory droplets that travel when we talk and sing and sneeze and cough. They come in 3 sizes and are machine washable. Hang to dry. The best part is that when you are between stores, you can drop in onto your neck and relax. With one move, you are back in business.

Anyway, many have been donated to those in need, and I am also selling them for only $9.99 each to help make up for lost art sales. Hopefully next year I will have a box of unneeded masks and will see you at those Art Fairs.

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